About Me and My Work

Working with Children


Children struggling with behavior issues at school, at home, and/or socially need help finding ways to cope and function in a healthy way. Over the last 12 years I have worked with many children that fall into this group. Sometimes these children come into counseling with labels such as ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, or Conduct Order. Working with these children to help them learn now to calm themselves, be aware of their emotions and find ways to manage those emotions are key elements for their entire life.  

Parental Support


Many of the children I work with have parents that need parent support. I am a certified Positive Discipline Educator. Positive Discipline is a parenting philosophy in which parenting techniques are used so both the child and the parent feel heard and respected.  Through experiential learning each member of the family can learn communications, emotional control and healthy interactio

School Advocacy


Very often the school has gotten to a point they feel unable to help and the child can become frustrated. Often these children and parent are in need of an advocate to work with the child’s school. I can provide observation in the classroom, parent-teacher consultation, and school advocacy.

Grief and Loss


Since starting as a therapist I have learned that so much of our society is dealing with grief and loss. Grief can be in regard to a lost job, losing a child, ending a relationship or changing homes. This grief can also be connected to trauma, early trauma or recent trauma. When you have experienced a trauma, or loss it is key to take time to heal. I have training in EMDR which is the number one therapy for trauma. EMDR gets more results with healing trauma than any other therapy option. 

Supervising Interns


I am also a licensed supervisor for LPC-I. I have been supervising for four years now. I definitely enjoy engaging with individuals who are working on their full licensure. Interns, I feel, have so much to give. When working with interns, as a supervisor, you find that the intern has so much to give back to you. I have found that interns , through the learning process, can bring in a skill set and perspective that renews the supervisors own skill set and perspective.